Everyone wants to have a perfect day on their wedding day and to make that more memorable and happening destinations wedding is the thing to go for, here is the list of best destinations for weddings in abroad:

Italy: Italy is very beautiful and scenic location for a memorable wedding with the ancient towns of Tuscany, the Italian Riviera. Venice the city of love is also a great location in Italy for wedding with its beautiful Gondola rides. Beach like the Sapri beach located at the bottom of a high cliff surrounded by the coast of Maratea is the best location to have the perfect wedding. Hotels like La Torre is a beach hotel located in Palinuro with its beautiful panoramic views of the whole Mediterranean and its hills and cliffs, overall a wedding Italy is like having your wedding day in a Lamborghini.







Cyprus: Also known as the ‘Island of Love’ is the most popular location to celebrate the day of two people getting together for a lifetime. The Alexander the Great’s new landscaped ‘Wedding garden’ is the most romantic location for that day beautiful day to come true with heart-warming and breathtaking views of Mediterranean sea, medieval castle and more. The garden includes and elevated terrace for the ceremony to happen.








Cuba: A wedding in Cuba could only be attended by ADULTS as most of the hotels are only for adults there, Cayo Coco is a small island linked with Cuba by a man-made road of 17 kilometers, Melia hotel on the island is a hotel only for adults located on the beautiful milky sands of the island, and 20 minutes away from a natural coral reef. Hotel Playa Pesquero located on the North Shore of Cuba is a five star hotel with a relaxed and stress-free environment with a kids club and a bar on the swimming pool for adults. The clear watered beach with a beach attendant could be relaxation you’d be looking for at a wedding as they can get too stressful.











Bali: Weddings in Bali are out of this world as the wedding locations over there are so beautiful and unforgettable that anyone could fall in love with the views and the crystal clear waters, Nusa Dua having the two most beautiful resorts Grand Bali Mirage and Club Bali Mirage, the Grand Bali Mirage has a beach with milky white sands and water from which you can through right in front of it and the hotel also have many kinds of fun, entertaining leisure activities for the guests, whereas Club Bali Mirage is built more of a modern architectural design with Balinese touches.








Thailand: A wedding in Thailand is as amazing as it gets with its majestic temples, tiger temple where

people can meet a tiger face to face, the  ancient Buddhist culture of Thailand. A romantic kingdom like Thailand offers to have your weddings on discreet and quiet beaches right next to waterfalls to make your wedding as a Bollywood romantic wedding.






Cruise wedding: this is very uncommon kind of wedding as most of the people are

seasick and have never been cruising but I tell you a cruise wedding can be so marvelous that all the land on earth fails in front of it as the cruise is constantly moving and you have a brand new landscape every time you blink your eye.




Andaman and Nicobar: Andaman and Nicobar Islands are the Bali and Thailand of India as far away wedding from India can be way too expensive but you also want to have a wedding in Bali so, the Andaman and Nicobar is the location for you as it is very close to India and not that much expensive as compared to the one’s in Italian beaches or others but sure it is as beautiful as it can get with the undisturbed environment of the islands and crystal clear waters with many kinds of water sports for your guests to enjoy.

Beautiful Andaman