Why Photography should be a Priority when Planning your Wedding

Thanks to the popularity of social media, some couples may overlook the importance of hiring a professional photographer for their weddings. Although there is something to be said for candid images captured on phones and personal cameras, the pictures a couple will cherish and look back on for decades are best supplied by a professional photographer.

wedding photography

Wedding photography is about capturing the truth of a moment, as well as creating a beautiful aesthetic…. FACTS N FICTION creative studios presents the work from that wedding which reflects the vision we talked about prior to the wedding day.

“Couples hire us for their narrative approach to photography, but we’re also expected to get the more formal shots; portraits of the wedding party, family and friends. It is a fine line to walk, and to do so, there must be balance.” Shiva Rana (CEO)

To convey our goal of photographing we present weddings in a documentary and artistic style. We love sharing a collection of photographs from weddings that tell the whole story of the day. Balancing the competing expectations of pleasing our clients by providing them unique and timeless images. In this way, a wedding photographer with a strong focus and a watchful eye will find the spontaneous moment, capture it, and present the image with preference on his or her site to better attract future clients.

wedding photography

Photographs aren’t things you can hear, smell, taste or even see at first—you don’t really know what you’re getting until after the fact.When the wedding day is over, your memories will be enhanced through photographs of the two of you looking at one another or simply being together, thus narrating the story of your love.