A good office culture depends on many aspects like relationship between the employer and the employee which is the most crucial one as it results in the growth and success of a company and its future. Google, in their office employee’s can nap in the office as there is a napping room there for their hardworking employee’s. Office is a place where you go to earn for yourself hence everyone must respect their office as the your working place is your pilgrim, to maintain a positive office culture colleagues must be punctual and responsible for when it comes to work and for that one must be always complete the work given on time for a better performance of the whole company. But, when it comes to being a boss while talking about office culture he should always have a good knowledge about his employee’s capabilities and performance.

MeetingBusiness team having a meeting

Every office has arguments I mean without arguments an office cannot work but there must be a good understanding between the employee’s and they should know they are working as a team and these arguments should never be taken personally. A wise man once said and I quote “This is work leave your emotions at your home’.