Trends keep changing. Since the Independence Indian society has changed in many ways like adopting western dressing sense and eating in western style. Weddings in India has also changed drastically where it was a short wedding with all the rituals fulfilled, now weddings are as big as it can get, here are some new wedding trends:-

Destination weddings:- From weddings taking place in temple’s to weddings taking place in tents and lawns till the latest trend of destination wedding, which are the most lavish kind of weddings, trend of destination wedding is increasing day by day there are thousands of themes to choose from in a destination wedding like on a cruise ship or Rajasthani cultural wedding etc., destination wedding can also be very different as every function taking place in a different city and lots more.

Make-up:- Today most of the expenditure of the weddings go into make-up as the bride wants the best of what she can get for her important day, every bride wants to bring out her best features in the make-up, but make-up should also be good which could last for the full wedding day because no bride would want to look smudgy on her perfect day, and bridal make-up could go up to lakh’s of rupees.





Food:- Wedding is the most beautiful day, but only for the couple to be wed and the guest’s they have their all focus on the food and modern weddings have a vast menu of food items marriages now-a-days have all kinds of food like continental, cultural, north Indian, there are many varieties of starter foods and a big buffet of main course with at least 5 different types of sweet dishes





Youngster’s:- Today the youngster’s also can have a drink or two at a marriage function but the boundary of parents wouldn’t let them have it and they cannot be totally open about their happiness, so they a different room set up for their private party in the marriage function or they have their separate cocktail away from parent’s eyes.

Entertainment:- Weddings today are nothing without entertainment, there are a number of trends of entertainment going on like, people appointing beautiful girls to serve the food and starters or to welcome the guests, weddings have many dance performances by professional dancers or family members for the entertainment of the guests, celebrity performance is also trending for entertainment in the wedding.





Bachelor/bachelorette:- India has never been up for a bachelor party but as our culture is changing so is the thinking of people and our weddings has also started having bachelor/bachelorette parties as the couple to be wed have their last days of total enjoyment. Friends of the bride and groom organize their bachelor parties mostly.





Pre-wedding shoot:- Every couple wants to have a pre-wedding shoot for their marriage to save the memories of them coming together on a camera and CD so they can look at it many years later.