All about corporate videos you need to know.


Corporate films are audio-visual aids that reflect the core of an organization. These films are resourceful tools that are ideal for marketing as they leave a lasting impression on the target audience.

Creating a brand video completes your branding communication strategy and reveals a company’s true strength. We interprets the consummate essence of a corporate image and future strategy by the way of its most convincing and cost-efficient medium of Corporate Films to reach the audience.

corporate film shooting Shiva Rana

Corporate films are not really different from the ones you watch at the movie theater. They captivate you, leave a lasting impression and depict impressive visuals. They appeal to all your senses. The only real difference is that the actors could be your own facilities, offices, plants, manufacturing units, infrastructure, team members, quality process and so on.

corporate videos shooting, camera shooting

Advantages of corporate videos and films »

  • Makes brand building most effective
  • Reaching global audiences
  • Projecting larger than life image
  • Showcasing processes, infrastructure and services
  • Enables integration of video, audio, narration and music
  • Highly effective for seminars and exhibitions
  • Highlight company ’s achievements
  • Great marketing material
corporate videos shooting, camera shooting, corporate film shooting

FACTS N FICTION creative studio manage the complete development the basic concept, writing the voice script, shooting in HD and editing, effects, rendering and delivering in the format of your choice.

Our creative team employs the best equipment and talent to deliver this. We can create engaging videos for product, service or business promotional videos, financial result videos, corporate training videos and information videos etc.

We are one of an eminent corporate film makers, contact with us today to enhance brand value and esteem in today’s competitive world.