Creative means Facts n fiction creative studios

Facts n fiction is particularly in the creative industry so it looks more like adult playground than a place of work, in the hope that it will make the employees more creative. Having a fun environment, they believe, will help spark conversations and collaboration, encourage people to be playful and, crucially generate great ideas.

The Garden area

Thinking like a child can aid creativity because it means people question the norm. Playfulness is a vital part of creativity. It is much better to create a space or opportunities that encourage colleagues and different teams to bump into each other. If a space gives you permission to have fun and enjoy yourself, that is more likely to make you creative than a stiff formal situation.

Kitchen area

Common kitchen area provides everyone the opportunity to mix with everyone else – we are particular about this because we wanted to encourage interaction.

Home theatre

We have to think that people at the workplace are our audience. There are things that we are asked to do, that on any other job one would be fired for doing. Like enjoying this home theatre.

Funky walls

Our work supports the notion that funky office aids creativity. The key idea is that a non-conventional office supports non-conventional thinking. One of the challenges in being creative is to break out beyond the typical way of thinking… A less organised office helps people do this.

Punching bag

Do you have colleagues who occasionally stand up from their cubicle during work hours? This may be frowned upon by the uninformed but insiders can understand this better. You’ll boost mental alertness, concentration, and thus productivity. So next time you’re in a work rut, take minute or 2 to hit the bag.

Spiritual space

A spiritual space in office fulfills its purpose of creating an environment that is peaceful, relaxing and in-tune with nature while still offering contemporary elements. Sacred space also makes us feel like we have a home away from home.

Reading corner

No other part of the office is as calm and peaceful like a library. Self-help books, novels, dictionaries and question banks are among the books that fill the racks. The main idea is to make the employee more efficient, knowledgeable and creative.

All this impresses the clients and also help with talent retention.