Planning a travel or a vacation seems easy but not that easy, a travel should be planned on many factors such as:

  1. Destination: For planning a travel primary thing is to select the destination where you want to go, and there are thousands of locations to choose from, the location should be perfect and a perfect location requires your hotel to be near the market, attractions of location to be not far away from your hotel, food availability.
  2. Timings/length: Timings are the other most important thing to check while planning a travel, time of departure from home time of arrival at venue the season timing and the length of the trip. Time of departure should be when at the time of arrival the family is not very tired as everyday counts on the trip, the season timing should be when the destination is not packed with people and you’d have to fight to see the attraction neither it should be when the attraction is off, and the length of the trip also counts if you have 7 days for a trip then you should not stay at same location for 7 days rather you should plan 2-3 different locations for 7 days so you don’t get bored on the trip.
  3. Budget: Budget is the backbone of your trip you should first of all set the budget of the trip and it should not empty your pockets budget must have the rough idea of the food, you should check off with the hotel about the cost’s of accommodations and of seeing the attractions and the cost of how to get to the destination whether it is by flight or by car a rough estimate of fuel consumption must be acknowledged.
  4. Bookings: Its always good book in advance, because holidays can be too messy when it comes to nook the accommodation as the hotels might be overbooked or the flight is overbooked etc. booking in advance make your vacations hassle-free.
  5. Safety: you should always carry extra cash for the trip as you don’t know when you might need it.