You should always pack essentially whenever you travel, and packing isn’t just about packing the clothes packing is more big of a deal than that when you’re travelling with your family:-

  1. Clothes: For packing essentially you want to keep extra clothes always because they are mostly used on the vacations because you just want to enjoy the trip and you wouldn’t have sacrifice your happiness over bunch of clothes for a trip on a hill station you might want to pack some extra warmers and warm clothes as it can get very cold in the hills without a prior notice, each location requires different kind of clothes to packed for a place like Goa you might want to keep extra shorts vests and swimwear.
  2. Bags: You should always have an extra set of carry bags or small luggage because used clothes require more space than the fresh one and wet clothes require a plastic bag so always pack extra plasctic bags for used wet clothe and footwear
  3. Medic-kit: while travelling nobody when your companions might get sick or injured while travelling you should always pack a Medi-kit aSF346100long with you containing first aid box medicines for cold headache and flu’s mosquito ointment and other simple medicines.
  4. Utility box: A utility box is a must-to-keep item while travelling by car because a car can brake-down while travelling and god forbid of that happens you must be ready with all of the supplies to for a brake down i.e. flashlight umbrella raincoat Swiss knife, snacks, power banks for charging the phone, emergency signals, wet wipes, camera for the memories and sleeping bags.
  5. Car: Whenever planning a long trip by car one must take the car to the service center for its thorough service and inspection of the car, main things like suspensiJumper-cableson of the car engine must be checked before a travel, an extra set of jumper cables an extra battery must be kept if you are planning a night travel, spare tire must be checked and you should also keep a tire inflator just in case you might need it.
  6. Money: It never harms to have a little extra money to carry whenever you’re travelling money can be required anywhere, always try keep credit cards in a safe location for an emergency.

For a travel make a list and check off all the above things and you are good to go.