Casino – A Movie Review


A casino is a place where people gamble. It is an exciting atmosphere with flashy decor, music and a sense of excitement. People try their luck at poker, blackjack or slot machines. There is always a rush when you win, but there’s also a fear that you might lose.

People at casinos are a diverse bunch. There are regulars who strut their stuff with confidence and expectation, there are those trying to recoup what they lost last time, and there are those looking to score a little something extra. But everyone seems to share one common trait – they are having a good time! With blaring music and coins clinking, it is hard to keep your focus on the fact that you are spending money.

Most casinos are designed to manipulate the players into spending more money. The lights, sounds and physical design are all designed to lead you into spending more than you planned.

One of the most popular ways for casinos to increase their profits is to give “good” players comps (free goods or services). High rollers, who spend a lot of money, receive free rooms, limo service, and tickets to shows. This is because the casinos know that if you enjoy yourself, you will come back.

While most movies only scratch the surface of what Vegas is really about, Casino dives into the dark underbelly and reveals a story of greed and corruption that is both compelling and fascinating. The acting in this movie is outstanding, especially Robert De Niro as Nicky. The plotline of his obsession with Ginger is masterfully built and plays out perfectly in the film.