Slot in Dialogflow


Slot is a new feature in Dialogflow that allows you to create dynamic placeholders within your bot flow. Slots are not bound to specific intents and can be accessed from multiple intents, making them especially useful for flows that require identification and verification.

The slot> HTML element is a dynamic placeholder that either waits for content (a passive slot) or calls out to a renderer to fill it with content. Slots are used in conjunction with scenarios to deliver content to the page; scenario actions and targeters dictate what goes into the slot, and renderers specify how the content will be presented.

From 1520s, “narrow opening into which something can be inserted,” especially a coin or letter; also, the position in a timetable or list; figuratively, a place or position, as in a career or hobby. The meaning of a machine that pays out winnings at regular intervals is from 1888; the sense of a jackpot in poker is from 1921, in reference to a hand of cards that cannot be beaten, and in other gambling games such as blackjack. The term has been extended to describe any situation in which there is a sudden accumulation of large amounts of money, such as when someone hits the lottery or wins a substantial sum in a casino game.